black sheets for a dorm bed? cool!

Black sheets

Okay, your son is so NOT a Goth..still and yet–in the midst of Bed, Bath and Beyond…he requested, after purchasing, you must duly note–navy sheets, that he procure black.  BLACK? Where does that rank on the Benjamin Moore color scale, in these days of muslin and sea-foam?   You were, of course, waiting for the glen plaid with navy and hunter green to be in stock, but, alas, no luck.  Only because summer school comes earlier than the chain stores can stock, so have fun!  Target now has a great selection of very inexpensive X-tra Long dorm sheets.

You must admit, that, black sheets–well, maybe you can get into the whole scene, after your daughter went the whole Pine Cone Hill route in her room at home (you’ve heard tell that there is a Pine Cone Hill outlet), and then side-tracked into the Pottery Barn and Ikea subdued sophisticated florals.

A different set (PB) for her first dorm room, then another set (Ikea) for her second dorm room, in a beautiful historic hall–rocking chairs on the porch and that whole thing–and then went the floral duvet route in her sorority room.  And then, for her rental house, she wanted to bright blue and white French coverlet you’ve had for years.

Anyway, you have heard tell that Anthropologie has wonderful bedspreads for girls going off to college…hmmm.  You would love to stop by the mall and visit, but are suddenly happy as heck with black sheets.  And a black trash can…well, he picked out a  navy coverlet, at least…which is reversible to khaki 🙂



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