Back to “Apple” School: You Go, Baby Boomers!

Well–there don’t appear to be many ‘young people’ attending “Apple school.”  What you have are, basically, Baby Boomers trying to get situated on top of high stools, and not being able to hear a single thing.  However, you are all very eager about this iMac class, and keep raising your hands, asking questions and interrupting each other.   Perhaps we’re exuberant Baby Boomers because we were raised by such a Silent Generation.   Or maybe you are all a little garrulous because your children have been plugged into Apple products for several years and you haven’t had a proper audience.

The nice young teachers wear cool tee-shirts (and have maybe an earring or three, a well-placed tat and perhaps a Fu Man Chu) and are exceedingly P-A-T-I-E-N-T.  You repeat, ever so PATIENT.  The only time you are hushed collectively as a group is when the smart young dude presses the control button, and holds something down on the mouse, so as to enlarge the text to an uber-font. You all oooh and ahhh.  You all can actually all VIEW the screen, with or without reading glasses, bi and tri-focals and the like–we can see it!  (But alas, when you all return home, you can’t really remember how to do it by yourselves.  Much like kindergarteners).

Then during the session there’s something called “Hide,” and then, “Go to View”–much like hide and seek.  There’s some highlighting and stamping, and some cute little picture of a house on some drop-down menu.  There’s a “Finder” and a “Time Machine”–which all sound fun.  And there are all kinds of cool signs at the bottom–calculators, calendars, guitars, compasses and such…you think they are called icons, but can’t recall.  (Your Baby Boomer memory is undergoing diagnostics).

So the hip young Apple teachers smile and nod, and try so very hard to impress upon you Baby Boomers, that there are many new concepts that Apple has to offer, that we need to listen very carefully, and to attend several sessions, in order to truly understand.  However, that being said, you must be a little honest.  These bright, youthful Apple professors, do not go home at night and have an Olivetti typewriter sitting in their attic.  They go home to their laptops and click whole events that magically end up as movies.

During class, there’s quite a bit of clicking, dragging and hovering.  After scrolling mice across various events and dragging a soccer clip to a project field, you are exhausted and want to go home.  Instead of fixing something called “old aliases,” you want to just crunch up to the attic and bring down the old Olivetti.  Much less would those Apple teachers have word processors sitting up in their attics–the horror. Even though word processors rocked your world in the 1980’s, like MTV.  You could type and store away–but they really couldn’t take you anywhere.

You remember back when your brother Mike told you about something called “CompuServe”–a precursor to the Internet.  You truly could not fathom the concept of disappearing inside a screen and living in there forever.  Screens were flat and purposeful, and did not contain another universe within.  The screens simply held the chugging sort of white words that you may see in some 80’s films, complete with blinking cursor.   It was what it was, it processed words for many offices and people.  Words only–no online TMZ, ESPN stats, CNN –nothing.   Do word processors still rock?  You aren’t sure.  They probably will more appreciated over time, much like Rick Astley.  Aka, in Youtube-speak:  Rick Roll.

So, back to school.  Apple School.  Your hat is truly off to the Apple teachers.  And the visual and creative aspects they demonstrate are phenomenal.  And the well-trained Apple teachers realize that Baby Boomers often ‘over-think’ the whole navigational thing.  How very true.  But, we are doing the best we can–given that we have to overcome decades of our Olivetti typewriter and word processing mindsets…much less the IBM selectric.

Your hat is also off to all of  you Baby Boomers who attend  Apple School.   (Iphones anyone?)

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