College Shopping: Top Ten!

Top ten organizational/storage products that your students have enjoyed over the years, 9 carried at Target:

1.  Canvas storage bins to place under the desk, bed, or up on a closet shelf.  Bed, Bath and Beyond has these, too.

2. If there’s room, this can hold all the extra odds and ends–everything from desk supplies to cold medicine, from silverware to Easy Mac.

3. This is another storage option.  Ditto as above.  There are always lots of small items that can get lost in a tiny dorm room.  Wheels are a nice touch.  This age group doesn’t go for ‘file cabinets.’  They can keep important papers here, too.

4. Nice way to keep shoes organized; it simply hangs over the closet door.  They can stuff other items in here, too–belts, socks, etc.  My daughter loved hers but my son passed on it.

5. A shower rack that you can hang over the shower head, to hold extra supplies such as soap, shampoo, etc.  Maybe better for a suite bath.

6. Shower caddy, ditto as above.  This is handy to carry to a hall bath, or to store your toiletries and cosmetics in the suite bathroom, so they don’t get lost.  Again, my son nixed this–guys just don’t have as much stuff.  These are hard to find in the store–sometimes they are in the “Bath” section, and not in the special “College/Dorm” areas.

7. An over- the- door set of hooks.  These are hard to find, too.  My son has a great set with five hooks where he throws his black towels, baseball hats and North Face jackets.  Make sure it slides easily over the door without scratching and that it’s secure.

8. Mainly covering storage today, but don’t forget a desk lamp!  Target has a great one right now in many different colors and patterns.

9.Collapsible laundry hampers are fun, and do double-duty as a basketball goal for guys.  The ones on wheels are heavy to lug down to the laundry room; some may prefer a simple cotton bag.  You can have two:  one cotton one for dirty laundry, another small separate poly/rayon one for work-out clothes, to avoid mildew.

10. Patagonia makes a great padded laptop bag–you can use either the handle or the shoulder strap.  This is the perfect present for someone special.  This bag is a great purchase–something they can use later in the workplace.

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