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1980’s Halloween Costumes, Back in the Day

Ah…the 1980’s.  Going to Halloween parties and spotting a Cyndi Lauper wig, some M.C. Hammer parachute pants, a Michael Jackson glitter jacket and a Flashdance style one-shoulder sweatshirt and leggings.  For the first neighborhood party, you and your husband simply … Continue reading

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Help–My Yard Man Left for College!

Good friends called us several weeks back.  They have lived across the street from us for sixteen years and our sons grew up together as best friends.  They had just gotten back from installing their son in a dorm and … Continue reading

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Watching Your Dog Like a Hawk: The Food Chain in Your Front Yard

Our son was just home from college and was warmly greeted by us and our dog–a wire-haired dachshund named Woody.  Our son has always been Woody’s hero, now in more ways than one. He eagerly picked up his dog and ruffled … Continue reading

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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Empty Nesterhood

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Empty Nesterhood. You watch out your bay window as the last Lexus and long jag cruises past and your neighborhood empties out to go to the office, lake, beach and mountains.  Having the morning off, … Continue reading

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Text to College Student: How Do You Turn on the TV?

Text to College Freshman: We miss you so much!  And, btw, how do you turn on the TV? Not that you haven’t been practising.  You have been practising turning on the TV for several years, knowing this was coming.  Whenever … Continue reading

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