1980’s Halloween Costumes, Back in the Day

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Ah…the 1980’s.  Going to Halloween parties and spotting a Cyndi Lauper wig, some M.C. Hammer parachute pants, a Michael Jackson glitter jacket and a Flashdance style one-shoulder sweatshirt and leggings.  For the first neighborhood party, you and your husband simply dressed up as the Blues Brothers.  We donned dark suits from from Goodwill, dark pork pie hats, shades and black shoes.  Many of these costumes are still available today.

For the second year of the annual get-together, you and your husband decided to dressed up as odd couple Imelda Marcos and Richard Nixon.  You wore a sheath, a black wig, huge faux diamond earrings, false eyelashes, and heels, of course.  You slung an extra pair of heels over each shoulder, for good measure.  You still have the incredible fleshy plastic Nixon mask that still scares those that come to the door.

Your all-time favorite costume was dressing up like a Robert Palmer girl in the famous video, “Simply Irresistible.” God rest his soul, he died several years ago in Paris–far too young.  He rocked some amazing tongue-in-cheek, controversial, classic videos, back in the day.  In 1988, your friend, Kim, didn’t decry the video as sexist; she decided to have fun with it all, instead.  She recruited you and three other girls to go buy identical black scoop-neck lycra mini-dresses, orange scarf belts, and plastic guitars.  You slicked back your hair into buns, put on tons of smoky eye make-up, garish lipstick, tights and heels, and struck poses as a group all evening during the annual Halloween party.  Of course, you all presumed to be one of the bevy of women in his videos who had some rhythm and could actually dance. And your husbands all got to be handsome Robert Palmers–in simple, stylish suits–priceless.


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