Reeling in the Years: Halloweens Past

Stone Cold Steve Austin cropped

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It seems like only yesterday that you were reading your daughter a bed-time story about the Berenstain Bears’ Pumpkin Patch.  It seems like only yesterday you went to your son’s elementary school dressed as a witch in order to read Berenstain Bear’s Trick or Treat to his second grade class.  You really don’t miss the Bears so much, but you will miss seeing your children get dressed up, and then shepherding them out the front door with flash lights and plastic pumpkins for candy, after we hosted our annual street party.

After thumbing through old photo albums, some all-time favorite costumes your children wore, back in the day:

Our daughter during her first year of her pre-school wanted to go dressed as an angel.  “And she is an angel indeed,” her teacher, Miss Anne declared.  She wore a tiny pink gown with glittery white wings and a halo.

The following year, our adorable four-year old daughter wanted to go trick or treating as ‘Bob Villa,’ the host of “This Old House.”  We were huge “This Old House” groupies, but when it came down to her wearing jeans, a lumberjack shirt and fake beard, she firmly declined.  She only wore dresses, so this was not a good fit.

Then came the sweet Disney years as Snow White and Cinderella, while her toddler brother was dressed as a Dalmatian puppy.  Actually, a yelling dalmatian is more accurate–he hated being shoved into the poly spotted snuggle-type thingy for the neighborhood party.  Ditto Thomas the Train the following year.  Although you loved these easy step-into costumes with a tie-string back.  Done.

Then came the ‘ballet/princess years,’ complete with tiara and wand, and your son started his prop collection of swords, lasers and battle axes and various plastic helmets.

Then came his WWF year, when he donned the plastic mask of wrestler  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  Somehow seeing the mean mask of a thirty year old bald wrestler on my handsome eight year old son was both a little unsettling and hilarious.  Then, various and sundry Star Wars and other intergalactic types, (remember Power Rangers? Weren’t they inter-galactic?  Or just galactic?  Who knew.)  And wasn’t there a subtle difference between the blue power ranger and the red one?  And an assortment of death-eater ghouls–one quite technical outfit sported a hand-pump that he could squeeze to force fake blood through the open breastplate–way too much information.   Your daughter enjoyed the classic cat costume for a couple of years–easy to slip on a mask, pin on a tail and clip on a headband with ears.  Later, she invented a very clever Stepford wife costume, complete with remote control.

All-time favorites:  Snow White and Stone Cold Steve.

You’ll miss seeing them this Halloween, but will enjoy opening the door to the first trick or treater from the neighborhood to see what the current trends are.  What do kids dress up as nowadays?  And who knows, you and your husband may even don your old Elvis and Nixon masks to get into the spirit of it all.




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