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Best Apps: Home For the Holidays? There’s an App for That

Your children arrived home safely via highway and airport, and quickly settled into relaxation mode with the dog and other handheld devices.  After an early Thanksgiving dinner, your husband lit a fire and you all plopped down in the family … Continue reading

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Your Car as POD

Last weekend you had a special one night getaway–an easy relaxing hour’s drive to the lake.  The leaves along the highway were gorgeous–at their peak.  Once you and your husband arrived at the hotel, he turned  to you and said, “Should … Continue reading

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Can I Please ‘De-Friend’ You?’

Your dear old buddy, Margaret, just called to ask if you would ‘friend’ her on Facebook. “I would, but I’m not on Facebook,” you said. “Oh,” she replied.  “How come I keep getting friend requests from people I don’t really … Continue reading

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You Want a Hot Apple Pie with That?

This is not, “You Have Officially Turned into Your Grandmother,” part 2.  Mainly because your grandmother would not have entered a fast food drive-through.  However, this story reminds you of her again because of her gift to be able to … Continue reading

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I Can Tell That a Boy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Your daughter just flew in from DC and opened the fridge. You were out of town, and she had an unexpected layover in her old hometown.  Since you cleared out for the weekend, you cleaned out the fridge (never a … Continue reading

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The Days of the Ice Cream Man

Gone are the days of summer…and the days of the ‘ice cream man.’  Or so you thought.  While working at your computer Sunday afternoon, you thought you heard distant music.  You recognized the sound immediately–it had to be the ice … Continue reading

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