Your Car as POD

Last weekend you had a special one night getaway–an easy relaxing hour’s drive to the lake.  The leaves along the highway were gorgeous–at their peak.  Once you and your husband arrived at the hotel, he turned  to you and said, “Should we valet or self-park?”

“We HAVE to self-park,” you insisted. 

How could you entrust, well, your POD, to a valet?  You might need to, well, burrow into it like a rabbit, and tunnel through to locate something.   What if you needed your tennis shoes-which were stored in a bag on the floor–to go for a run?  What if you needed the lone apple, box of Lysol wipes, map or can of peanuts that were stored in the pockets.  What if you needed an extra phone charger?  Or your notebook pad that’s stored in the trunk, that you don’t want to pack in a suitcase and take inside the hotel?   You probably wouldn’t need the rolled rug and Euro shams that were bouncing around back there, nor the broken lamp to take to the repair shop.  But still…

So, your car, is well…like your POD.  No need to rent one to sit in your driveway for weeks (leasing is for a minimum for one month’s time) when you have your car.  The very one, that at least one acquaintance sniffs, that is your “Soccer Mom SUV” that USES TOO MUCH GAS.   Well, your reply to her is, fine, just find another place for my stuff.  (And, besides, you’re too old to be a Soccer Mom).  Furthermore, you HAUL THINGS.  You have a business in another state that requires that you haul big items. 

 Actually, you wish you could re-design the interior of your own vehicle-(GM-take note)–you would have a special compartment for your cellphone, a separate one for your big, slouchy handbag, and other separate compartments for cards, cash, keys, lipstick/chapstick etc.  A file space area-for your lose files (hanging file space?)  A special spot for wallet or/and sunglasses pouch/case, lipstick/gloss and a miscellaneous tray/drawer–a flat space for your Filofax.  (Yes, you still have an antiquated, archaic Filofax).  

Car as POD actually brings back memories of  ‘CAMARO AS POD’ back in 1978, when you graduated from college.  After the graduation ceremony, you cleared everything out of your rental house– aka the roach motel.  You piled the suitcases, duffels, bedding, accessories (girls do have decor–earlier posts re: college) and boxes of kitchen items into your bright yellow Camaro, and sped off home.  In several week’s time, you were due to move to London, so you stored various non-valuable items in your car, which locked in your parents’ driveway while you flew across the pond.  Back then, there weren’t any true PODS, so to speak; how you wish you’d thought of the idea–priceless.

Ah, car as POD.


A freelance writer who revels in the 1970's...and today. Thoughts on being a baby baby boomer and empty nester. Welcome to the Saturday evening porch.
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2 Responses to Your Car as POD

  1. Great post! So funny and all true. I am comforted by the fact that my POD has 4WD, but were I to get stranded in a blizzard I could easily live in it until the spring!

  2. Thanks, Amiable! Wish I had 4WD! Loved your post about your baby coming home!

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