Best Apps: Home For the Holidays? There’s an App for That

Your children arrived home safely via highway and airport, and quickly settled into relaxation mode with the dog and other handheld devices.  After an early Thanksgiving dinner, your husband lit a fire and you all plopped down in the family room.  You shared favorite Christmas carols, as well as YouTube videos and movies.  When you sat down at your computer to load “Billy Elliott,” your son realized, horror of horrors, that you had ‘double-clicked‘ to launch Safari on your Imac.

“Mom, no wonder you have two windows up on the screen,” your son grinned.

“Well, I…grew up double-clicking; I’m very good at double-clicking.”

“Why is your computer so slow?” they then asked in amazed unison.  Well, maybe because I don’t have  campus or office wi-fi? Your daughter strolled over to the router, plucked out a cord, jammed it into another box and walked back over to your computer screen.  “There,” she says, as the Netflix movie jolts into action, and all of your Iphones immediately stopped asking you all to join the home network for the millionth time.

Not only that, but apparently you have a ‘bad’ mouse, (your son promised you that he’d buy you a new wireless one at his campus Apple store) and the Charlie Brown music wavering out of the speakers in the library sounded, ‘old.’

“You need a new sound system,” they informed you and your husband.  Something about surround sound.

You don’t even let them into your bedroom, where your TV is, seriously, circa 1994.

Then they share their favorite applications:  RedLaser, Price Check by Amazon, Target, Delta, New York Times, Google, Skype, Open Table, various credit cards and banks, and two fun technologies called, ‘Shazam’ and ‘Bump.’  You already have some good ones:  Urban Spoon, Solitaire, Good Guide, iHandy Level, Planets  (cool), Compass and Air Horn (great for football and basketball games), and an interesting one called, “I am T-Pain.” (did your son INSTALL that when you weren’t looking?)   You SEARCH for the first new one on their list and press to INSTALL.

“Whoops–a little window popped up and said that I need a new Iphone version.”

“Just plug your phone into your Imac to get the update,” your daughter explained.

“Uh, oh, my Safari just disappeared,” Your husband said, studying his Itouch.

“Oh, no, I can’t find my Iphone on my Imac,” you wailed.

“How do I delete this email?” your husband asked.  Your daughter reached over to press the tiny trash can at the bottom of his screen, then walked over to your Imac screen and clicked on your Iphone icon.

“This is like Apple School,” you smile, but much, much better.”

An earlier post about Apple School for Baby Boomers:

Sunday you sadly waved good-bye as they pulled out of the driveway for points north and west.  Now you are both left struggling through your touch screens and managing your mischievous misbehaving mouse on your own.  And you PROMISE that you will attend another Apple class.

But first, time to go try and INSTALL their absolute hands-down favorite app, ANGRY BIRDS, even if it costs a buck.  Can you Bump the Angry Birds?

Can you install an app to fix your Imac and Iphone, without bugging your offspring?  Now if you could press a button to Search, then Install your children back home again, priceless.

(Besides, you forgot to bump their iphones).


A freelance writer who revels in the 1970's...and today. Thoughts on being a baby baby boomer and empty nester. Welcome to the Saturday evening porch.
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4 Responses to Best Apps: Home For the Holidays? There’s an App for That

  1. comingeast says:

    Holidays are bittersweet now that the children don’t live at home, aren’t they? You spend so much time preparing and anticipating, and then it’s over before you know it. Know just how you feel.

  2. Funny post! My sons give me their hand-me-down electronics. The last was some version of an iPod on which they cleverly set the language to Japanese so I had no idea what I was doing. Had it been in English, I’d still have had problems! They’re so clever, those boys!

  3. 泳鏡 says:

    Nice piece of info that you’ve got in this weblog submit. Hope I can get some a lot more of this stuff on your website. I’ll are available back.

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