Chillin’ in the Hampton (Inn)

You and your four sibs have created another ‘chain email’ about Christmas.  Usually, we all gather at the same historic inn.  This year, to our dismay you discovered that someone else had booked all of the rooms.  We’d been ousted!  Literally, no room at the inn. Resolving to book earlier next year, you all chose another option.  There is a Hampton Inn located at the foot of a gorgeous shopping lane.  Your little brother, Mike, describes it thusly:

This Hampton ain’t a bad place to be with the movie theater, Dean and Deluca’s, and the Palm Restaurant within stumbling distance.  The mounted rotational waffle-iron with the pre-measured batter cups in the breakfast prep nook is hard to beat as well.  I’ll just have to remember to pack my elbow pads to box out the folks who are a bit overzealous about the whole breakfast experience..trying to corner the muffin market and such when it’s too early for me to be on my guard.  Then jockeying for position in front of the coffee urns, waiting for people to pick which flavor already and pump their brew and get out of the frickin’ way.  Just let me pump my coffee and sit down.

While the words Hampton Inn don’t especially conjure up a magical holiday, as compared to say, the Ritz Carlton, still there are different levels of Hamptons.  The one in Lexington, Kentucky is exceedingly elegant (see photo).  So you will suck it up, and even welcome the bed scarves.
The one you’ve chosen even offers the “King of Siam” suites, as your sister calls them.  Quickly you line up connecting King suites, complete with whirlpools and a fireplace.  Now you’re talkin.’ And, as your brother noted, stumblin’ back from the Palm next door after an evening of steak, lobster and wassailing, priceless.


A freelance writer who revels in the 1970's...and today. Thoughts on being a baby baby boomer and empty nester. Welcome to the Saturday evening porch.
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2 Responses to Chillin’ in the Hampton (Inn)

  1. This Christmas the hubby and I are taking the kids to Chinese take-out and not doing anything with the family. Is it wrong or being frugal?

    • Love it! Absolutely not, in fact every Christmas evening we order Chinese take-out. My daughter figured out years ago that they were the only restaurant open on Christmas Day. After getting in from the airport, we’ll just order it up–priceless. I think that’s what they did in the Christmas Story movie when their dog ate their turkey?
      Anything goes in this day and age, any new tradition. Your kids will love it.
      And, as a wise woman told me years back, “Whenever you can relax and enjoy more, your children will, too. And they’ll appreciate that more than being forced into a specific agenda.”

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