Step Away from the Weather Channel, Put Down the Remote

Had enough of Blizzard 2010? Okay, if you are one of the poor souls still camped out at Heathrow, or snowbound in the northeast corridor and actually have power to watch the Weather Channel–that’s different.  But your own region was hit four days ago, has long since melted and cleared, and yet you still hover over your favorite station.  Even though your flight home on Christmas Day was cancelled, you made it home eventually.  Both of your brothers were snowbound with airport closures and one sister suffered a power outage; they are all now safely ensconced in their respective homes surrounded by their families.  Your other sister’s children are staying put in her home until they can fly back to New York.

The roads in your neck of the woods are now clear and it is a sunny day.  Time for you to move on. So you turned off the Weather Channel and got a life.  Staving off cabin fever, you took your family out to lunch.  As you head to the Varsity for slaw chili dogs, (the perfect antidote to lovely rich holiday food) you announce,”I am going to utter eight words that you all won’t believe, and will never hear me say again.”

Their heads swerve and you have their full attention.

“I am tired of watching the Weather Channel.”

“But Mom,” your son says, “that’s your favorite show.”

He’s right of course.  Back in the 1990’s when it debuted, you were hooked.  You introduced it to all of your friends, and became an official groupie.  You travel a great deal, and the station is invaluable for that very reason.   The Weather Channel represents, well, a semblance of dignified reality in the midst of the surreality of Jerry Springer,  Judge Judy and Jersey Shore:

Still, that is no reason to obsess and leave the channel on all day long as you traipse back and forth, cleaning Christmas clutter.  Perhaps you are a frustrated meteorologist…(never could have made it in that line of work, however, due to being mathematically challenged).

After lunch, you all settle back and watch a dvd of “Madmen” instead, a good antidote to watching the “Christmas Story” and “Home Alone II” marathons.

And your heart goes out to all of you still stuck in limbo; may you have safe travels.



A freelance writer who revels in the 1970's...and today. Thoughts on being a baby baby boomer and empty nester. Welcome to the Saturday evening porch.
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8 Responses to Step Away from the Weather Channel, Put Down the Remote

  1. Sur-real Housewives (love it!) or Charles Kurault. Hmmmm. I’m with you – Charles gets my vote, and I have never seen anyone with a banjo in NC or VA either. Well, not on the side of the road. Actually, not anywhere in either state!

    I’d say that I “watch” the Weather Channel, but I actually just kinda listen, waiting patiently for the local forecast. And, then … I miss it! Every single time! It seems I have dishes to do or a cat to let in or let out every 8 minutes, instead of catching Weather on the 8s. My favorite “episodes” are the ones with poor weathermen (never the women – we’re too smart) standing in the midst of a hurricane or a snowstorm.

  2. We never watch the Weather Channel. The husband prefers weather for his up-to-the-munute weather report, especially when the tornado is bearing down on us.

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  4. Coco Rivers says:

    “The Weather Channel represents, well, a semblance of dignified reality in the midst of the surreality of Jerry Springer, Judge Judy and Jersey Shore:” is a wonderful, wonderful line lol. I firmly believe that TV is going to hell in a handbasket. I’m so bad that I have now signed up for Weather Alerts from The Weather Channel. I use my business as an excuse but feel you have really hit on something…Frustrated meteorologists of the world unite :).

  5. Thank you, Coco! Wow-weather alerts! Haven’t thought of that; something to look forward to today! Am enjoying your writing!

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