Dueling iPads: Chic Chick Apps


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You just returned from a fun Mother-Daughter trip.  You loved catching up with your daughter since she lives and works several states away.  We each drove 6 hours to meet up at a nice hotel between our cities.  We went out to lunch and dinner, shopped for spring dresses, read tacky magazines while getting our nails done and chatted and laughed our heads off.  At the end of each evening we opened our Christmas presents (toys) on our laps.  Your daughter taught you how to go to the App Store and download:

1.  New York Times and Wall Street Journal apps

2.  CNN (then she bundled these three into one NEWS icon)

3.  MOMA

4.  iBooks:  You can order sample chapters from books and place them on a virtual homey wooden shelves.  Also many books considered as ‘public domain,’ are free downloads.  They have book-marking and built-in dictionary features.  Being able to enlarge the font is priceless.

5.  PBS

“You are so cultured,” you tell your daughter, admiring her app choices.

“I’m not cultured, I’m just young,” she replies matter-of-factly.

6.  Whole Foods app with recipes

7.  Pandora. This app creates a music station with your specific tastes.

8.  Scribble.  You can scribble notes by hand or make art.

9.  Shopstyle (still searching for that spring dress for her birthday…)

10. Netflix and Fandango (movies!)

“Oh, one more thing,” you say, furiously playing Fruit Ninja and chopping a watermelon in half.  “Should I get a “Ya-HOO app?” you ask.

“Mom,” she grins, trying to beat your Angry Birds record, “it’s pronounced, Yahoo.”

(Well, no wonder–you did grow up on a steady diet of Andy Griffith and Beverly Hillbillies, you suppose).

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10 Responses to Dueling iPads: Chic Chick Apps

  1. Tori Nelson says:

    Haha. Do not fear. I’m 23 and TOTALLY OUT OF THE “COOL” LOOP. Your daughter would be ashamed by me, a youngin’with no clue what Angry Birds is 😦

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! Mother-Daughter time, no matter how it’s spent, is priceless!

  3. So true, M.E.N.! I so treasure it–you know how that is!

  4. Help! I pushed the Like button again by mistake and can’t delete!! Not tech-y enough to know how…

  5. Val Erde says:

    Press the like button again and it unlikes. But why shouldn’t you like your own post? I like my own posts!
    I can’t do most of that stuff. I can look after my pc and run it, can operate various machines, never got to grips with burning a dvd on the dvd recorder. I know who the beverly hillbillies were, but not Andy Griffith.

    And, if you like free stuff, there’s a free painting of mine still on offer one blog post back on Absurd Old Bird!

  6. Oh my gosh — I hope my daughter and I meet up like this when she’s grown! (She’s 2.) What a wonderful image — you each driving 6 hours, then having SO much fun together — she is lucky to have you. Of course, the part we don’t tell our kids, is that we’d drive 60 hours to meet them. No questions asked. I love it. Love the spirit, love the story — thanks for sharing.

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