Spring Break Hath Stood You Up

Your spring break done came and went.  Your break, BROKE.  It  ‘up and left town.’  Fled.  Hasta la vista.  Adiosed, 86’ed, kaput, vamoosed.  Vanished off the face of the earth.  It is to be…no more.  Spring Break?  Hah!

Even though you live in–primarily–an Empty Nesterhood, you peer out the window and see some of the Nesters driving to work in their sleek cars.  There are still a handful of youthfuls on your street, but they have long since flown the coop; their mini-vans and suburbans are parked in the driveways, their delivered newspapers gathering on the curb.  They are in tropical or snowy climes.  Any other clime, but here.

You picture them all cavorting about in resortwear or snowgear enjoying cold or warm drinks, depending.  (You’ve never been a skiier, but you would enjoy being invited to some apres-ski events–sitting by the fire, drinking hot mulled something and eating turkey chili).

You’ve had some grand weekend getaways lately, but it dawned on you as Monday came around–what happened to those nice, long ten-day stretches of time?  When you and your spouse and children were young (er) and could all get together so easily?  Now you are stuck at home and everyone else is out of town, including your children (who grew up and  left) and your husband (at a meeting).  Not to complain, but it’s just that the term spring break has been in your lexicon for…however many years–23?  Now suddenly, it is no longer a part of your life.

They even had ‘spring break’ during pre-school, for heaven’s sake–not that we ever went anywhere, but still–it’s the principle of the thing.

You even remember the days when you went on TWO spring breaks. Your children were in two different school systems.  Man–that was the life.  You would rent places with other friends who had the same sort of dual citizenship going on, and have an absolute ball.

So much for growing up.  So much for getting old(er).

OK then–spring break for we stuck-at-homers,

Top five reasons to love not having spring break:

1.  NO TRAFFIC! When you woke up at your usual four a.m.,  you could not hear any neighbors, nor any autos on the neighboring interstate.

2.  You can go to all the most crowded restaurants.  (You won’t, but you know that you could…it would actually help if you knew what they were).

3.  You can go to all the most crowded malls and stores. (Ditto as above).  But hang on a sec, you just might just be so brazen as to waltz into your mall on Saturday morning–during the PRIME TIME, when you usually have to stalk people to get a parking spot.   Then, advance ye token to the museum, library, drive-throughs, gas stations–where the crowds are usually the thickest.  Enjoy the peace of not having a couple of million other residents of your city at your heels.

4.  No keeping track of wet bathing suits and ski gear--hats, scarves, gloves, balaclavas, thermals, parkas, pants, socks, boots.  Buckling and un-buckling ski boots, and stuffing and un-stuffing youngsters with altitude sickness into ski suits.

5.  Think of all that fat cash that you’re going to save. No spring break bills coming later in the season with rental bills and apres-beach and ski food.   With all of the money you’ve pocketed, you could go out and buy a brand new car.  (Well, maybe a half of a Hyundai Accent GL, or perhaps a riding lawn tractor).

Oh, wellif you look way into the future–maybe you can take your lil grandchildren on pre-school spring break to the City of Light…or more likely to…the Disney light parade.


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A freelance writer who revels in the 1970's...and today. Thoughts on being a baby baby boomer and empty nester. Welcome to the Saturday evening porch.
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16 Responses to Spring Break Hath Stood You Up

  1. Tori Nelson says:

    My first year out of college I was heartbroken to discover that bosses and deadlines did not give way to Spring Break. Now, I stay at home with a rowdy but bubbly toddler…every day is Spring Break in that I’m not required to shower, conference call, or even fetch the boss’s coffee 🙂

  2. leahsinger says:

    Great post and so true. I work on a college campus and the staff are still expected to work during the students’ spring break. But I have to say, it’s one of the best weeks on campus. Quiet. No traffic. Parking is great. No lines at Starbucks. It’s so peaceful that I enjoy working that week. However, this year will be my first “official” spring break because my daughter’s preschool closes for break. We’ll see how that goes!

  3. I live in Shanghai, China, and everyone leaves the city to take a vacation during Chinese New Year in February, but I think it’s the best time of the year to be here when the streets are empty and everything is quiet.

  4. ryoko861 says:

    Never been on a spring break. My kids would get the spring break from school. Maybe take a day trip. But I was never one to head to the Florida Keys or Gulf Coast or Mexico. Or the Alps. I want to know where these kids get the money to do all that? Spoiled little rich kids.

  5. Alas, welcome to the real world with the rest of us, where spring break is but a distant (and I do mean distant!) memory. I’d just be happy right now if winter would give me a break and spring would actually arrive! I wouldn’t even need a day off to celebrate let alone a week! I’d just be happy for some sunshine.

  6. Beth says:

    I am headed on my LAST spring break trip to the Dominican Republic with my high school senior. Can’t wait for the warm sunshine!
    I will be looking like your dog next year!

  7. Our spring break is never any really big deal here…Jim didn’t have the week off, and I went to the bookstore every day. You’re right though…it was definitely less crowded in town, and the highway was less hairy!


  8. You are too sweet. I love the “dual citizenship” and how you don’t ski, but you’d like to be invited to apres-ski events! This post was happy and sad at the same time, which is what I feel after reading it. But I have no doubts that your dreams of Spring-Breaking it with the to-be grandchildren will come true. Again — too sweet!

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