Girl Trips: What do Women Talk About?

Women in the water at Qualicum Beach, Vancouve...

Ah, the eternal question:  WHAT on earth do women talk about while they are on these ‘girl getaways?’

Men, listen up; here’s EXACTLY what is discussed, in alpha order:

Books.  Who is reading what.  And why, for example, did “The Elegance of the Hedgehog,” have to end as sadly as “The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.”

Children.  Whose are doing what, and with whom.  And, you all tried not to sweat the small stuff.  At some juncture, you all did consent to letting them play video games and watch TV, in order to mainstream them, and saved the sweat for later, when they were teens and wanted to wear a “I LOVE BUDWEISER” tee-shirt to church.

Current age.  This discussion can include anything from Biotin and Botox, to Brazilian blow-outs.  (Anyone tried Moroccan oil?)

Recipes.  Have you tried Barefoot’s roasted chicken and Giada’s lemon shrimp?

Other weighty topics may include:

Who uses bag lettuce, who does not.

Who has a cute pocketbook.  And who does not.  You all went through a Le Sac era, then ran the gamut of the Eric Javit’s styles.  (Then at least three in the group will jump to their feet and offer to go shopping with the cute purse-less soul.  She found one at Target).

You talk about shoes.  Not cute ones, but ones that are comfy for those with heel spurs and such.   (At least three in the gang will rise to the quest and offer to drive the others to that great shoe store nearby, and so on).

Later, after shopping and several walks, you talk about where to find a cute bathing suit–somewhere in that quite remote realm between the style of Pippa Middleton, to that of Queen Victoria.  After several canapes and glasses of vino, at least one in the group will open up a laptop and get on Garnet Hill’s website and give us a slide show.  Whoo hoo!   Another will open another bottle of wine and then open a Real Simple magazine and do a thorough style search.

You have dinner reservations for a night or two, meanwhile the kitchen of the vacation home is STUFFED to the gills.  You could survive for weeks on end–what with the muffins, coffee cakes, granola, herbed turkey breast, chicken salad, cracked wheat, all manner of Trader Joe crackers and dips, homemade hummus, sun-dried tomato tortes, and a pan o’ white lasagna with mixed greens, Trader Joe’s dark chocolate and chocolate-covered edamame, paper bags chock-full of paper products, and panini maker– that you all hath brought forth.

As well as fun, light topics as above, you have also logged the following venting hours:

3,000,002 hours talking about infants, sleeping, eating and toilet training  (bottom line:  nap whenever your child does; even those who eat only Cheerios will still enjoy sushi later in life, and, as for the latter–train during the warmer months and use Reese’s Pieces if needed).

4,000,200 hours of “What would you do, if…?” (bottom line:  if anyone says anything untoward to you or your offspring, your group will take ’em out).

5,000,312 hours about schools and the college process  (bottom line:  no school is perfect).

Save the heavy intellectual discussions for times, other venues.  Lean, back, relax, and let the gab roll forth.



A freelance writer who revels in the 1970's...and today. Thoughts on being a baby baby boomer and empty nester. Welcome to the Saturday evening porch.
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24 Responses to Girl Trips: What do Women Talk About?

  1. Tori Nelson says:

    I often wonder if men just sit and stare silently at one another when they hang out. They really are baffled by the gift of girl talk!

  2. ashleyolsonrosen says:

    You pegged this! Although my group isn’t big on shopping — that takes valuable beach time! Like Tori said, the guys are mystified about girl talk. I think in my husband’s younger days he was STUNNED that we didn’t sit around and talk about what studs our spouses were and our great sex lives. I suppose this was because that was all they talked (and thought) about in those early married years. Now I know for a fact that my husband and his buddies talk sports, sports gambling, past personal sports heroics and new-found beers on their annual Vegas trip. Give me books, wine and gossip. It ages better.

  3. Makes me want to take a trip with my girls from Book Club, Reeling…you nailed it!


  4. Leah says:

    Exactly! Thinking about the conversations I have with friends, food and kids seem to come up the most. With kids it’s, school woest, who is sick with what, what that kid will or will not eat. All fascinating topics, mind you! I don’t think guys have conversations when they’re together. They talk about whatever they’re doing at that moment. Although who knows. Maybe they just keep us guessing!

  5. Great point, Leah–maybe they do postulate in private on all manner of subjects!! It’s mainly ESPN and Sports Center at my house…:)

  6. Beth says:

    You forgot about pulling out the old yearbook and discussing what has happened to everyone and how bad they look and how good WE look!

  7. I like the “bottom lines” best about this post! What a great way to capture the female-friend spirit. And you are right on the money with the toilet training in warm weather.

    For my son, I tried that, but he just wasn’t ready. So we faced toilet training in January. AKA: roll up the carpets and put up the baby gates. I confined him and his sister to the one room in our house with hardwood floors, and let the good times roll. 🙂

  8. Hilarious, Melissa! Yep, you do what you gotta do. It is what it is!

  9. comingeast says:

    The girl trip you described sounds terrific. The bond between women is such a wonderful thing. And old friends are the best friends because they have such a history with each other. Loved your post.

  10. ryoko861 says:

    Somewhere in there is a very brief couple statements about our husbands. Small rants. Then that’s it. Afterall, it IS a hen’s weekend and you HAVE to bitch and moan about your husband. Then you feel better and the whole weekend was worth it!

  11. Loving the ‘small rants.’ We’re into ‘5 minute vents’ which usually last a wee bit longer…:)

  12. So funny! I love the 5mill +/- talk about schools/college and the 4mill +/- talk about what would you do — can SO relate (and agree)!

  13. wimpy girl says:

    how interesting…..& true 😛

  14. At a recent dinner between myself, four females and one male cousin, the poor lad sat in grief as we all proceeded into conversation/rants about bras. This included bra styles, bra sizes, how fluctuating weight affects your bra, etc…So on we talked and talked for a good ten minutes, that is, until we finally noticed that dear Paul had not commented at the table for a long while…and with good reason!

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