Empty Nesters Gone Wild

Why look like this, when you could look like this:

Image by dwolfgra via Flickr

It’s time to change the term “Empty Nester.”  For some reason, this label has always conjured up visions of Mr. Rogers in his old faded cardigan, wandering aimlessly around the house.  But Empty Nesterdom has changed.  Now there’s more focus on re-filling and re-fueling the nest–as the Sandwich Gen gets charged up to take on new pastimes.  Apple School is busting at the seams, folks are hitting the Wii sports resorts–you name it.  No longer do the 50-year old set get blue hair rinses and sit and play cards all weekend, nibbling on Chex Mix.  You all realize there’s more to life than rolling around on a rubber ball at the gym listening to a piped-in version of John Denver yodeling “High Calypso.”  It dawned on you all that there’s much more to life than standing in line at the pharmacy listening to Rod Stewart’s Muzak version of “If Ya Think I’m Sexy.”

Instead, you all have it going on.  You have friends signing up for everything from cooking classes to Hot Yoga, Photography Classes, Wine Tastings, Yolo and Zumba.  You have friends doing everything online– from posting ten gazillion photos on Facebook, to booking airfares everywhere from Cancun to Canada (as reverse snow-birds).  You hear of couples renting their homes in the ‘burbs’ and moving downtown to condos in order to enjoy the city life–restaurants, plays, concerts and festivals–for a year.

Even Fred, now long-retired, is steppin’ out and stylin’.

So it’s high time to rename this age group.  You have gotten a couple of suggestions so far, from some buddies.

Instead of M-T-Nesters, this group could be described as:

1. Blooming Nesters (but aren’t we kinda over the whole nest thingy?)

2. Righteous Mamas and Dudes (a suggestion from a young friend)

3. ?

derek and mr rogers

Image by dwolfgra via Flickr

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A freelance writer who revels in the 1970's...and today. Thoughts on being a baby baby boomer and empty nester. Welcome to the Saturday evening porch.
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19 Responses to Empty Nesters Gone Wild

  1. ryoko861 says:

    LMAO! Love the Chex Mix statement!

    You’re right, it is a dated term. With so much in life to offer now, there’s no reason to be sitting home listening to the AM station. Or eating Chex Mix for that matter.

    I have big plans for my retirement.

    This just came to me: N.O.W Generation – No Longer Overworked Generation

  2. I love it, Ryoko! WE ARE N.O.W.!

  3. comingeast says:

    Love the NOW generation, too! I’ve always contended that there is a lot more living ahead once the kids leave home. In fact, that’s when we start getting our second wind!

  4. Isn’t that the truth! Thanks, Coming East!

  5. charlywalker says:

    Oh we’re just a bunch of Tweet Things That Twitter about…….

    spread the humor:charlywalker.wordpress.com

  6. ABSOLUTELY! Our nest has been empty for a few years now, and we’re having a ball!
    A new name for us? How about his – LLN – Live Life Now. Every day is so precious. It’s true that we (Baby Boomers) are so much busier and active than our parents. I have two new newby grandchildren, which inspired me to start my blog Grandparents Going Green. There is so much more that we can do in our years yet. Keep having fun, and contributing!

  7. Love it! LLN! And SO envious of your having grandkids! I cannot wait! Thanks so much, boomers1earth!

  8. tonirigs says:

    Enjoy it, and have fun with your grandkids they must be very adorable….

  9. How about “Freedom 55ers”? I’ve got four more birds to boot out of the nest still…


  10. Beth says:

    I am on the verge of becoming one. The first thing I will do is think of a catchy name like you others have! Playing cards sounds pretty good if we can be off at the beach!

  11. Maybe if that age bracket had a catchier name, I would look forward to it more.

  12. Exactly, G2. Right now it’s sounds like a bunch of old fogies!

  13. You are so right — yes. We need a new name for “Empty Nesters.” If only because that’s such a sad term! I love your spirit.

    Hmmm… I’m thinking something along the lines of Fly the Coop, as it sounds like that’s what you are ready to do! Right into hot yoga, Cancun etc. But what is the “Sandwich Gen?” I’ve never heard of it.

  14. Love it, Melissa! OK–so am now an official Fly the Coopster. The Sandwich Gen are the folks sandwiched with elderly parents to caretake, as well as having grown children at home…boomerangs, mainly? Kids who leave the nest and return home, esp. since 2008 with no jobs etc.

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