Contest: Are You Older than Dirt?

Hair Drier...!

1.  Do you remember, long before the dawn of time, before shopping malls?

2.  Do you remember before zip codes were invented?  (There were actually zones–you were in zone 7)

3. Do you remember before the UPS man, and when stamps cost 3 cents?

4. Do you remember playing 45’s?

5. Did you own a turn-table?

6. Do you remember before 8-tracks, cassettes, cds and dvds?

7. Do you remember before there were interstates?

8.  Do you remember having only three TV channels?

9.  Do you remember before ‘blow-outs?’  (It was bubble dryers or bust).

10. Do you remember before Coffee Makers, Toaster Ovens and Microwaves?

(Speakin’ a dirt, you actually played in the dirt back then because there wasn’t anything else to play with).



A freelance writer who revels in the 1970's...and today. Thoughts on being a baby baby boomer and empty nester. Welcome to the Saturday evening porch.
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26 Responses to Contest: Are You Older than Dirt?

  1. Tori Nelson says:

    This post just made me check to make sure I wasn’t still in the womb. I am SUCH a baby, but life back when sounds pretty glorious!

  2. I am older than dirt! What a list…I do remember. And, I remember coke at 6 cents in bottles. I remember 5 digit phone numbers and party lines and when phones were connected in the kitchen and our parents’ bedroom. I remember black and white TV…but not so old to remember radio installments…not that old! 🙂

  3. Annie says:

    I don’t think I’m older than dirt (I will soon be 39), but I remember all these things! I remember the first time I saw myself on VHS and it was freaky. Seemed so strange at the time. Now it’s common place to be on video.

    • Hey, Annie! Maybe those cultural landmarks were over a more widespread of time than I first realized–any time I can be grouped with a young 39-year old, makes me feel quite young again. Thanks for stoppin’ by the porch!
      And you are probably younger, or at least the same age as dirt…like Julia..:)

  4. YES,I AM OLDER THAN DIRT.But I will not tell you how old I am.I am full of life and kicking up a storm.My life is great.

  5. ryoko861 says:

    I’m somewhere between “older than dirt” and “global warming”.

  6. winsomebella says:

    I should remember all of the above but my memory at this age is fading.

  7. I remember a few but not all of these things so apparently I’m shy of being older than dirt (does that mean I’m actually the same age as dirt?).

  8. Guilty as charged! I remember them all and then some…..guess I’m not as old as dirt though because I probably wouldn’t remember anything then. Of course, now I’m rambling, ok….maybe I AM older than dirt. 😀

  9. OK–you and me both, Mama! I’m in good company–the best.

  10. Leah says:

    This is great! I remember when most stores were closed on Sundays. And people would have laughed at the thought of pizza delivery.

  11. Ooooh–great one, Leah! Forgot about pizza and Chinese delivery! And many stores in the south anyway, are still closed until noon Sundays, if open at all!

  12. What a fun post – a blast from the past indeed! Not only do I remember having just a few channels, they were in black&white – and the TV had an adjustable antenna on it. Other things that come to mimd – before 8-tracks there were tape recorders that were bigger than a bread basket which used spool-type reels….. And it was quite high-tech to have a watch that did not need to be rewound manually because it ran on a battery. How cool was that?

    Playing games in the summer literally meant to be outside with the kids in the neighbourhood playing ‘kick the can’ (a version of ‘hide & go seek’). And chocolate bars cost 10 cents, and popsicles were about 5 cents. And there was penny candy at the corner store where some items such as Mo-Jo’s were 2 for 1 cent…..

    In Canada we have postal codes rather than zip codes, but there was a time where there were zones as well….

    Hmmm… I seem to be remember a whole lot of these things. I guess I’m in!

    • Welcome, Kris–you are in, indeed! Wow–kick the can–we spent hours and hours dedicated to that game. It could get quite political, and it was as close as I got to a thrill back then! Spool-type reels–goodness–I remember those now back at home and in high school– that was all we had.
      And forgot about the antennae to boot–hilarious! Thanks for stopping back by the porch!

  13. Selma says:

    I remember it all well, but you know what? It was fun. Life was simpler back then but I just feel that in many ways we had a better life – there wasn’t so much stress and emphasis on money. I love remembering the old days. I told my son we used to have a black and white TV with only three channels and no remote control and he nearly fell over. Those were the days!

    • Agreed, Selma! It did seem simpler–no technology to obsess over–just plain old stuff. Oh, the black n’ white with no remote…wowsers. Gettin’ up to change the channel–priceless. Instead, we sat back and watched Lawrence Welk with Grandma…:)

  14. msmouse7 says:

    Are you sure you are not me? Did you watch Lawrence Welk with my grandma too? Penny candy? How about watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and your parents just shaking their heads. You certainly know how to bring up those memories from the past.

  15. Almost older than dirt says:

    I don’t consider myself “older than dirt”, but I do remember when dirt was young…

  16. This is priceless! Thanks for stoppin’ by, Almost Older Than Dirt indeed!
    I, too, remember when dirt was young…

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