TLC = The Loser’s Channel

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For years, TLC has been one of your go-to channels.  Although recently, you and your son have nearly finished watching back-to-back seasons of the Office…from a more major network.

Watching a series back-to-back is something that you have never done before.  Instead of a once a week imbibing, you entered full-force into the series itself–the fine nuances, the plots, the idiosyncracies of the characters.  You are both midway through the marathon and craving more.

Yet, when you mentioned that you wanted to Tivo, “What Not to Wear,” midstream, your son gave off a smirk.

“Oh, the loser channel,” he replied casually, taking a sip of coke.  He’s so slowly turning into Jim Halpert. He even kinda sorta looks like Jim.

“WHAT???” you cry.  “Where did you hear that?”  This struck close to the heart.  You so heart TLC; always have, always will.  Over the years you’ve gotten a kick out of Randy from the bridal store and the Duggars and Kate’s Eight (not Kate), but when they yanked Cyrus the Pageant King off of their network you were peeved;  he taught all of the girls in Columbia how to be pageant queens.  Although when you have an extra five minutes you tend to turn on the Food Network or Weather Channel (believe me, there is always plenty of CNN and ESPN going on in da house).  And maybe TLC is a lil girly, but so are Lifetime and Oxygen–and you heart those, too.  (Sometimes a woman just wants to plonk down and watch Richard Gere and Diane Lane kiss during a hurricane, for cryin’ out loud).  Every young female student I have, writes down, “The Notebook,” as their fave film.  This completes us.  So just let us be.  What possible wrong can it do?

And you have to admit that during the summer of blockbuster films, TLC knows how to kick it up a notch.  No lamester, their ads too frequently show one-liners that are quite out of context, to get a boost, especially in the case of Toddlers n’ Tiaras…OML.  (Oh My Law) And who can resist their show titles?  Well, your husband can.  He’d been trying to rope you into watching Deadliest Catch, Pawn Stars, Swamp People and Ice Road Truckers.  Once he sat through an entire “Say Yes to the Dress Marathon,” over the holidays with you and your daughter, you vowed to give his shows their due.  They are gripping and now you are hooked.  It’s all about Mars and Venus–not about loser channels.

And no one is more creative than TLC with show titles, you must admit:

And you’d like to add, after being inspired by the blog, “Stuff Southern People Like,” another TLC title should include, photos of “Your Mamas Being Dropped Off at Wal-mart, in Order to Observe those Folks, Close-At-Hand…”

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16 Responses to TLC = The Loser’s Channel

  1. Hilarious! This summer while she was home from college, my daughter and I watched several full shows back-to-back: Lie to Me, Reaper, Eli Stone. She watches The Office but luckily she’ll also watch The Loser Channel with me….to watch Say Yes to the Dress or Kate Plus Eight–and once we watched a two-day marathon of Bridezillas…yikes. (and one of her favorite movies, yep The Notebook!) What would we do without TLC? Ha!

  2. I’m not fully aware of what is on which channel. But I truly enjoyed following “So you think you can dance?” which my daughter and I Tivo’d and we watch here at our house, or there at her house. I enjoyed it because I was watching her too enjoy it so much.
    Very funny post…perhaps we boomers love our channels/programs with the same loyalty we gave Bonanza/Father Knows Best/Leave it to Beaver, etc. oh yes, and how could I ever leave out Perry Mason…never missed an episode on Saturday night.

    • We have been hooked on “So You Think” for eons! We love the beginning audtions n’ such, then we always get attached to a certain few. Wow–Perry Mason–haven’t thought about him in ages! I’ve been working on a post that mentions Dark Shadows! We’d watch Perry, The Fugitive and Dark S. in the afternoons…that was the life!

  3. comingeast says:

    I, myself, do not watch much daytime TV because I’m usually reading Shakespeare or Thoreau–not! Funny post. My nine-year-old granddaughter is hooked on HG TV. Nine years old and she wants to know about curb appeal! Okay, she’s got me into it now.
    By the way, I hate to tell you this, but I nominated you for an award. You can check it out on my site. If you’re too busy to pass it on, don’t worry about it.

  4. haha! And I loved what you said: “Every young female student I have, writes down, “The Notebook,” as their fave film. This completes us. So just let us be. What possible wrong can it do?”


  5. Tori Nelson says:

    Hahahahaha. I’m normally pretty curious. But I’m going to bet that I do not want to know what the Uterus Cannon show is about.

  6. I cannot tell a lie….my daughters and I have been known to camp out in front of the TV to watch “The Loser Channel” way too many times! Just can’t resist Say Yes to the Dress and Cake Boss. That youtube parody you posted is hysterical! 😀

    • Thanks, Mama! My daughter and brother are hooked on Cake Boss. My daughter is a wonderful baker but I avoid it like the plague. I love to cook but baking is too precise for my messy methods! I have been known to watch that Georgetown Cupcake show for glimpses of DC where she lives. The show’s a little boring though; they need to drum up some high drama!

  7. Leah says:

    This is hilarious! You mean your son isn’t dying to watch Kate Gosselin profit of her children? By the way, we love watching “marathons” of TV shows. We’ve been known to get into new shoes that way. It’s fun!

  8. wimpy girl says:

    funny post 🙂
    I have to admit TLC is pretty much one of my go-to channels to watch as well 🙂

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