Feelin’ Lucky? Gotta Love Google Search

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Last Friday evening, you plopped down to watch Food Network, and Paula Deen appeared on the screen, whooping it up with one of her sons.  Your hairdresser said that Paula had a fake Savannah-esque accent, and furthermore, that she was actually from PENNSYLVANIA.  Being a southerner born and bred, you whipped out your phone and began to type, “Where is Paula Deen from?” to get the lowdown.  You didn’t get very far.  The second you entered the word where, here’s the Google Suggestions list that automatically popped up:

Where is my refund (uh, oh)

Where is chuck norris (has he gone missing?)

Where them girls at lyrics (?)

Where them girls at (don’t know, but hope you are referring to the song above)

Where am I (aw, bless their lil heart)

Where the red fern grows (good book)

Where the heart is (good movie)

Where the wild things are (good book)

Where is monte carlo

Then, once you added the word is, you got:

where is the love (you hope they are referring to the song)

Where is my mind (bless their lil heart, too)

Where is ho train (goodness–is there such a thing?  Maybe that’s where some of them girls are at) 

Where is your appendix (poor thing; you hope they aren’t headed to the hospital)

You were captivated.  Then, after you dared to type the letters, “is P…:” 

Where is penn state

Where is patagonia

Where is prostitution legal (My goodness, is this the same person who’s looking for the ho train?  Dude has a more exciting evening planned than my sittin’ on the sofa watchin’ Paula)

Where is pit bull from (this you don’t want to know)

Where’s prague

Where’s persia (in Iran, you suppose?)

You then added the letter ‘a’:

where is pancreas (poor thing; there appear to be lots of concerns over various organs)

where is palestine

where is pacific time

And, finally, Where is Paula Deen from (in full)!!

Where is pauly d from

Where’s paul in the bible

Where is paula deens restaurant

Where is paul revere buried (interesting)

Only Google Search can group a cluster such as “Pauly D, Paula, Bible Paul and Paul Revere.”  Turns out that my fellow southerner, Paula, hails from Albany, Georgia.  (And the ‘ho trainis a scale of toy train, usually capitalized as ‘HO.’  Whew.)  Meanwhile, you are hooked on Google Search, or rather, on reading your fellow Googlers searches…


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26 Responses to Feelin’ Lucky? Gotta Love Google Search

  1. k8edid says:

    Great fun – unless, of course, you are working with your granddaughter and the topic is Titanic……..not good.

  2. Where Is My Mind? is a Pixies song

  3. ryoko861 says:

    LOL, I was thinking the ho train was from da hood! And I’m an avid train lover! I should have known that!

    I’m going to be more alert now with Google searches and see what pops up. This was too funny!

  4. You are a hoot ‘n a half, reeling!.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. Can’t stop laughing. Really. You totally cracked me up with this one. I’m still hooting and guffawing over ‘ho train.’ Not once did H.O. trains enter my mind! Hey, where IS Paula Deen from anyhow??? Don’t make me Google Search it! 😉

  6. Tori Nelson says:

    You just managed to mention ho trains and the Bible. It completely made my day!

  7. winsomebella says:

    Very clever and much fun!

  8. Thanks, WB! Love hearing from you.

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  10. Leah says:

    LOL, this is so funny! You made me laugh out loud. Loved your comments next to each search term result. Who knew Google was that entertaining?!

  11. Love the post! Here’s a great one to try: If you type “why c” into google, the first thing that comes up is “why can’t I own a Canadian!”

  12. Val says:

    Good thing you weren’t looking for Ho bbits! 😉
    I’ve missed your posts, I need to catch up with my reading!

  13. comingeast says:

    I’m with Val. I’ve missed your posts, too, and need to catch up. This one was very funny. I’m always amazed at how the Google search can try to guess what you’re looking for and sometimes even get it right! When they don’t catch on quickly, though, the results can be hilarious, as you’ve pointed out!

  14. Awww, thanks, CE! I’m going to head your way and see how your writing is coming!

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