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There has simply got to be a Pinterest for guys.  Hence, you propose the name, dudeboard.  Guys, next time you google, ‘where dem girls at,’ listen to this.  ‘Dem girls’ are sitting sweetly at home or in Starbucks, pinning away.  After logging some 1,748,052 hours of seriously ‘researching’ the pinterest phenom, the results are thus: at about ten p.m., even party girls turn into pumpkins and come alive on this virtual bulletin board, pinning faster than a house a ‘fire.

One night, you tried to keep up.  Honey, you didn’t have a snowball’s chance.  You kept trying to fetch items they’d be interested in, and no sooner did you give them the world, than they done snatched up your goods and repinned you into oblivion.

Snatch. repin. repeat.  Lawd. have. mercy.

The madness began after your daughter mentioned it casually, over Thanksgiving.  “Oh, looks fun,” you said.  And then the night the holidays ended you waded in, slowly, and then fell in the deep end.

The stylist at your salon whispered, “Everyone’s in the back room looking at pinterest.”  You had indeed noticed a great deal of traffic in and out of the break room.  All quite innocent.  She said ‘they were studying how to furnish an apartment on a budget.’  You know good and well they were probably pinning lil Justin photos.

So guys, face it–if you can’t beat ’em, just join ’em.  At least churn up some faux enthusiasm if a female excitedly shows you a bulletin board or two.  Or fifteen.  Even if they display that their greatest hits are ‘channeling Chiquita Banana,’ or their favorite flats from Jimmy Choo.  This does not mean that you will suddenly into one of those Village People.

You can also go so far as to venture out and create your own dudeboard, which may, for example, showcase anything from a selection of barca-loungers, to bronco bustin,’ to small batch Bourbons to microbrews, to various bungy jumping venues, to your favorite burger chains–Five Guys, WhataBurger, In-N-Out Burger, and so forth.   And, just to throw something out there, you could actually create a visually intriguing bulletin board on perhaps the two most lame Sports Center announcers, or maybe the Longhorn vs. Outback saga–you name it.  The world is at your doorstep.  Perhaps different flavors of wings, if you will.  Or, think outside the box and craft a Tebowing board, featuring your favorite different photos.  Bless his lil heart.

So, in summation, dudes–yo–what other winter solsticesque hobbies you got going, that are free.  (You would not truly appreciate the appeal of Etsy).  And yes, you can go to Costco, purchase a full-array 55″ flat screen, call the cronies over for the game, and return it the next day.  But somebody’s gotta pony up for the chips and dip, Solo cups and Jager bombs for the ladies.  

Start 2012 in style–what say ye?

…whoo hoo…gotta go–it’s your move on Words With Friends…

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18 Responses to Pinterest for Guys: dudeboard

  1. Irene says:

    Ok, now you’re piqued my curiosity. I have to check this out. I’ve seen alot of Tweets with “Pinterest” mentioned in them. So, off I go to enlighten myself and keep my coolness because no one wants to not have a cool mom.

  2. Coming East says:

    I’m totally living in Nerd World because I have no idea what pinterest is and never even heard of it. I hope this isn’t something that will get me in trouble, like Mr. Word.

  3. My girls have been pinning for months on Pinterest and confirm that it’s extremely addicting. Warning, warning, Will Robinson! So I’ve deliberately stayed away from it because with all this wedding talk at my house, Lord knows I don’t have TIME for pinning!! 😉 Loved your dudeboard take on this phenomenon, Reeling!!

  4. Sending you warm hugs and bloggy love today, Reeling!! Recently got the All Around Wonderful Blog Award and couldn’t think of a nicer person (or blog) to pass it on to, so I gave it to you in my post today. You are one of the most wonderful story tellers I know!! ♥ from your friend

  5. Reeling, you are so funny! 🙂 I’ve checked out Pinterest once, and “applied” for membership (so upper crust), but when I was accepted, I didn’t have a chance to log on.

    You’ve inspired me. And your responses to the other commenters are a little scary — funny — but scary. Sounds dangerously addictive.

    This line was hilarious, “the Longhorn vs. Outback saga.” Ha! Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Hi Melissa! You are so welcome! I know, doesn’t that ‘apply for membership’ crack you up? Seriously, I just disappeared into it in January and have just re-surfaced…need to go get caught up on my reading, so headin’ your way!

  7. My daughter showed it to me…but, I held back. Counting the days, weeks we get back together so she can clue me in one more time. Once again you are cutting edge reelin’….you introduced me to Suri, now I need to follow up on Pinterest…ooo did I spell it right?
    Did I tell you…Suri’s response to eye appt? –> I appointment. Still she is very helpful most of the time.

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