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pale blue mercy

pale blue mercy pale blue mercy Dear Writers: Some quick news: Main Street Rag Publishing Company is publishing my book pale blue mercy as part of its Author’s Choice Chapbook Series. The book will be released February 5th.  If you’re interested … Continue reading

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Can the World Not Behave Itself for Five Minutes? Texts You Don’t Want to Get While On Vacation

Why is it when you try to embrace the empty nest, the helicopters appear instead?  Why is it, indeed, any time you try and take a vacash–the world erupts? You and your husband were just in Paris in order to … Continue reading

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first world beach problems

While enjoying the beach during your summer family vacay, your son finally took off his Mom’s voice-cancelling headphones.  After awhile he shook his head, gave off a grin and proclaimed: “First world beach problems.” “What?” you reply, as usual. “Just … Continue reading

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Back South

When an old friend from Denmark arrived in town with her new husband, you quickly gave them Mason jars of sweet tea and herded them out to the porch.  They miss being outdoors; they’ve had only one nice week of … Continue reading

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Your Car as POD

Last weekend you had a special one night getaway–an easy relaxing hour’s drive to the lake.  The leaves along the highway were gorgeous–at their peak.  Once you and your husband arrived at the hotel, he turned  to you and said, “Should … Continue reading

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You Want a Hot Apple Pie with That?

This is not, “You Have Officially Turned into Your Grandmother,” part 2.  Mainly because your grandmother would not have entered a fast food drive-through.  However, this story reminds you of her again because of her gift to be able to … Continue reading

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I Can Tell That a Boy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Your daughter just flew in from DC and opened the fridge. You were out of town, and she had an unexpected layover in her old hometown.  Since you cleared out for the weekend, you cleaned out the fridge (never a … Continue reading

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The Days of the Ice Cream Man

Gone are the days of summer…and the days of the ‘ice cream man.’  Or so you thought.  While working at your computer Sunday afternoon, you thought you heard distant music.  You recognized the sound immediately–it had to be the ice … Continue reading

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Halloween: Leaving the Empty Nest

You were late in bringing Halloween decorations down from the attic.  In fact, for your first official ‘Empty Nester Halloween,’ you took a wee break from decorating, and simply set out some candles and clusters of green, orange and your … Continue reading

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Halloween Tomboy, 1959 When you were little, you wanted to be just like your big brother.  You wanted to ride in the fire truck, you wanted to ride on a bear toy with wheels (although to this day you still have ‘bear’ … Continue reading

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