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Watching Your Dog Like a Hawk: The Food Chain in Your Front Yard

Our son was just home from college and was warmly greeted by us and our dog–a wire-haired dachshund named Woody.  Our son has always been Woody’s hero, now in more ways than one. He eagerly picked up his dog and ruffled … Continue reading

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Gluten-free: You too, Huh?

This morning you went to Whole Foods and stood in front of their ‘gluten-free’ section.  They have a huge refrigerator case well-stocked with all kinds of wheat-free selections, from waffles to burritos.  A dear friend of yours is stuck at … Continue reading

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Wii for Dummies

Last Christmas, your sweet children presented you with a Wii.  At first, truth be told,  you weren’t quite exactly sure what it was.  Or rather, the strange magical world that Wii-Fit held inside. And so it began.  Your children got … Continue reading

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Your Baby Boomer Life is Slowly Turning Into an Evening News Commercial, But the Killer is…

Last month, you got a little confused when informed by various experts: “You need to eat more fish.” (uh, oh–you thought you ate boatloads of seafood–doesn’t fried parmesan-encrusted tilapia from Costco count?) “Eat more leafy greens.” (you’ve been imbibing greens … Continue reading

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