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first world beach problems

While enjoying the beach during your summer family vacay, your son finally took off his Mom’s voice-cancelling headphones.  After awhile he shook his head, gave off a grin and proclaimed: “First world beach problems.” “What?” you reply, as usual. “Just … Continue reading

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Your Car as POD

Last weekend you had a special one night getaway–an easy relaxing hour’s drive to the lake.  The leaves along the highway were gorgeous–at their peak.  Once you and your husband arrived at the hotel, he turned  to you and said, “Should … Continue reading

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Can I Please ‘De-Friend’ You?’

Your dear old buddy, Margaret, just called to ask if you would ‘friend’ her on Facebook. “I would, but I’m not on Facebook,” you said. “Oh,” she replied.  “How come I keep getting friend requests from people I don’t really … Continue reading

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