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Mama 911

You never thought the day would come when you said this, but Mama needs to be able to speak her needs more often.  If she can’t dial 911, she needs to at least be able to fuss at someone else to … Continue reading

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When you Hear the Term “The Sandwich Generation,” You Get A Tad Hungry

Is the “Trophy Generation” the new black?  And the “Sandwich Generation” the old black? (You must confess, the trophy name is a bit confusing, since for the past several decades the press has associated it with the word,’Heisman,’ which was … Continue reading

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Calling Mama: Please Change the Channel from Judge Judy to Barefoot Contessa

You need to call Mama. “Sullivan?  Are you on your cellar phone again?” (that’s what Mama calls mobile devices) “I can barely hear you.” “Yes, Mama,” you say loudly.  “How are you?”  She lives in a retirement village in North … Continue reading

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black sheets for a dorm bed? cool!

Black sheets Okay, your son is so NOT a Goth..still and yet–in the midst of Bed, Bath and Beyond…he requested, after purchasing, you must duly note–navy sheets, that he procure black.  BLACK? Where does that rank on the Benjamin Moore … Continue reading

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Missing Your College Freshman, and Moving On

A friend texted you recently, and said, “Just left Annie at State; it was  hard!”  After being very impressed that she had texted, much less used a semi-colon (note to self to brush up on your texting skills),  you realized … Continue reading

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French Provincial nightstand, 1972/ French Country nightstand 2011

French Provincial nightstand, 1972: Jergens lotion Sun-In Hair Lightener (turned your hair a brassy orange, but your boyfriend, Vernon, didn’t seem to mind) Esso gas credit card Sundry stapled syllabi Curled Siddhartha paperback Photos of friends in plastic frames (with … Continue reading

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