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Can the World Not Behave Itself for Five Minutes? Texts You Don’t Want to Get While On Vacation

Why is it when you try to embrace the empty nest, the helicopters appear instead?  Why is it, indeed, any time you try and take a vacash–the world erupts? You and your husband were just in Paris in order to … Continue reading

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Can I Please ‘De-Friend’ You?’

Your dear old buddy, Margaret, just called to ask if you would ‘friend’ her on Facebook. “I would, but I’m not on Facebook,” you said. “Oh,” she replied.  “How come I keep getting friend requests from people I don’t really … Continue reading

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Reeling in the Years: Halloweens Past

It seems like only yesterday that you were reading your daughter a bed-time story about the Berenstain Bears’ Pumpkin Patch.  It seems like only yesterday you went to your son’s elementary school dressed as a witch in order to read Berenstain … Continue reading

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Help–My Yard Man Left for College!

Good friends called us several weeks back.  They have lived across the street from us for sixteen years and our sons grew up together as best friends.  They had just gotten back from installing their son in a dorm and … Continue reading

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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Empty Nesterhood

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Empty Nesterhood. You watch out your bay window as the last Lexus and long jag cruises past and your neighborhood empties out to go to the office, lake, beach and mountains.  Having the morning off, … Continue reading

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Text to College Student: How Do You Turn on the TV?

Text to College Freshman: We miss you so much!  And, btw, how do you turn on the TV? Not that you haven’t been practising.  You have been practising turning on the TV for several years, knowing this was coming.  Whenever … Continue reading

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The Last, First Day of School

As back to school time begins for everyone, you remember so well, your last, first day of school, in the fall of 2009.  You took a picture of your handsome son standing beside his car, ready to drive off to high … Continue reading

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Today, Instead of Helicoptering, You Promise to…

Instead of helicoptering, today you will: 1. Call Mama instead.   “Honey?” she says.  “Where are you? It sounds like you’re in the middle of a rainforest.”  (Note to self:  get out of the car wash first, so you can … Continue reading

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College Shopping: Top Ten!

Top ten organizational/storage products that your students have enjoyed over the years, 9 carried at Target: 1.  Canvas storage bins to place under the desk, bed, or up on a closet shelf.  Bed, Bath and Beyond has these, too. 2. … Continue reading

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Here’s What College Looks Like Laptop, cords, books, binders, desk supplies, lamp, desk, chair, water bottle or two, bed and poster.  What’s off-screen is the flat screen, cords (this is a guy’s room, so it’s all about electronics and cords), dresser and closet.  Footlocker and … Continue reading

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