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first world beach problems

While enjoying the beach during your summer family vacay, your son finally took off his Mom’s voice-cancelling headphones.  After awhile he shook his head, gave off a grin and proclaimed: “First world beach problems.” “What?” you reply, as usual. “Just … Continue reading

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SEC for Dummies: a southern Mom’s cliff notes version

If you’re lookin’ for info about the Security and Exchanges commission, this article isn’t for you. This Saturday, Georgia plays LSU in Hot-lanta for the SEC championship.  SEC means we’re talkin’ real, live football.  Football as religion, not sport.  Last … Continue reading

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Don’t. Speed. Through. South. Carolina. (tales from a former faux southern hippie)

Flashback, Summer 1972.  You and your cousin, age seventeen, are wearing tube tops, bell bottoms and flip-flops, with hair two feet straight down the back and parted in the middle and immense chandelier earrings you’d bought at the Gay Dolphin … Continue reading

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Siri, Where Can You Find Nude Patent Leather Heels?

You just spent a mother-daughter weekend with your daughter…and Siri, the new virtual assistant iPhone app. You are the last. person. on. earth. to be on the scene when some new hip electronic device is launched, but you were desperate. … Continue reading

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Feelin’ Lucky? Gotta Love Google Search

Last Friday evening, you plopped down to watch Food Network, and Paula Deen appeared on the screen, whooping it up with one of her sons.  Your hairdresser said that Paula had a fake Savannah-esque accent, and furthermore, that she was … Continue reading

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TLC = The Loser’s Channel

For years, TLC has been one of your go-to channels.  Although recently, you and your son have nearly finished watching back-to-back seasons of the Office…from a more major network. Watching a series back-to-back is something that you have never done … Continue reading

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Carolina Summer Family Reunion

Time for your annual ‘family of origin’ reunion.  First night’s always a blast from the past.  You five sibs all chip in and get catered food, your brother hosts at his grand beachfront rental–porches with green wooden rockers and a … Continue reading

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Contest: Are You Older than Dirt?

1.  Do you remember, long before the dawn of time, before shopping malls? 2.  Do you remember before zip codes were invented?  (There were actually zones–you were in zone 7) 3. Do you remember before the UPS man, and when … Continue reading

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Tacky (city)

Mama had a certain expression back in the day that covered the gamut of faux pas.  If she saw a woman out in public in hair curlers, she would thin her lips and shake her head and utter sotto voce, … Continue reading

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AOL= (any) (old) (lady)

You are very proud to announce that you still have an AOL address.  Yet often, you feel a wee bit embarrassed when quoting it.  Whether it be inside the Apple store, or online with J. Crew–or any of the other … Continue reading

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