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Do You ya-HOO! 24/7?

Last week, you asked your daughter if she had a ‘ya-HOO! account. “Mom, why do you always say ya-HOO!?”  “It’s just, Yahoo.” “Well, because when I was growing up, I yelled ‘Ya-HOO!  Mountain Dew!’ along with the commercial.”  And along … Continue reading

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Huck Goes to Henley: No Hat, No Service

In honor of the Henley Royal Regatta which follows Wimbledon: When you and Sumner moved to London in 1974, you found a lovely flat in Chelsea, off of the Kings Road.  Your landlord, George, took you under his wing like … Continue reading

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Is your latest morceau a dig at my jeans? (the short history of denim, as you know it)

Ellie, a muse of yours, emailed the above question because she thought you were making fun of her ‘Mom jeans’ in your post, “No Country for Old Hens.’  This led you to recall all the different types of denim that … Continue reading

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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Empty Nesterhood

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Empty Nesterhood. You watch out your bay window as the last Lexus and long jag cruises past and your neighborhood empties out to go to the office, lake, beach and mountains.  Having the morning off, … Continue reading

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Sur-reality TV: You’d Rather Read Charles Kuralt

You decide to watch an episode of “The Real Housewives of D.C.,” since one of your children now lives in the District.  And even though you really didn’t enjoy the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” –did they truly reflect the … Continue reading

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