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Can the World Not Behave Itself for Five Minutes? Texts You Don’t Want to Get While On Vacation

Why is it when you try to embrace the empty nest, the helicopters appear instead?  Why is it, indeed, any time you try and take a vacash–the world erupts? You and your husband were just in Paris in order to … Continue reading

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Empty Nesters Gone Wild

Why look like this, when you could look like this: It’s time to change the term “Empty Nester.”  For some reason, this label has always conjured up visions of Mr. Rogers in his old faded cardigan, wandering aimlessly around the … Continue reading

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Spring Break Hath Stood You Up

Your spring break done came and went.  Your break, BROKE.  It  ‘up and left town.’  Fled.  Hasta la vista.  Adiosed, 86’ed, kaput, vamoosed.  Vanished off the face of the earth.  It is to be…no more.  Spring Break?  Hah! Even though … Continue reading

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Dueling iPads: Chic Chick Apps

You just returned from a fun Mother-Daughter trip.  You loved catching up with your daughter since she lives and works several states away.  We each drove 6 hours to meet up at a nice hotel between our cities.  We went … Continue reading

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Stalker Mom

Yes, you admit to being a Stalker Mom.  Your offspring may want to weigh in on this one.  They need to produce a film with this title because it would scare the bejebes and Jujy fruits out of tweens, teens … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Worry Club

Welcome to the Worry Club, and have a seat.  You’re in good company–it’s a club of millions.  More often than not, you have a child.  You hope that you will raise them right, and they will be fine.  Then your bundle … Continue reading

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Confessions from the Grumpy Nest

Day 5:  Icebound.  Okay, so you and the dog are both snow wimps.  You witness the neighborhood labs bounding, cavorting, and then actually eating snow.  The white sight unleashes adorable boyish behavior in that breed.  But you own a tiny hound … Continue reading

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Where’s The Bread? Land of Snow Wimps

When you go into your local grocery store to pick up a prescription and a pack of hot dog buns (sigh, your kids have left and gone back to college and work, so you have an empty nester grocery basket … Continue reading

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Holiday Fluffin’

Your friends were over at your house for a visit and there was a knock on the door.  You left the living room to go answer, and they overheard this: “Hey, there.  Thought you could use a little fluffin’ ’bout … Continue reading

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The Days of the Ice Cream Man

Gone are the days of summer…and the days of the ‘ice cream man.’  Or so you thought.  While working at your computer Sunday afternoon, you thought you heard distant music.  You recognized the sound immediately–it had to be the ice … Continue reading

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