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Tacky (city)

Mama had a certain expression back in the day that covered the gamut of faux pas.  If she saw a woman out in public in hair curlers, she would thin her lips and shake her head and utter sotto voce, … Continue reading

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What Southern Women Want

Here is the secret to what southern women want–men, listen up and take note.  What we want is something very simple, and exceedingly affordable.  Hopefully, this is something you can find at close proximity. What southern women want, what southern women need, … Continue reading

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Cave Fever

Once word gets out that ‘it’s clear,’ we all go out sliding out of our back doors.  Your front path is still a sheet of ice; your backyard is still an ice skating rink.  You can finally get out of … Continue reading

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Holiday Fluffin’

Your friends were over at your house for a visit and there was a knock on the door.  You left the living room to go answer, and they overheard this: “Hey, there.  Thought you could use a little fluffin’ ’bout … Continue reading

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I Can Tell That a Boy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Your daughter just flew in from DC and opened the fridge. You were out of town, and she had an unexpected layover in her old hometown.  Since you cleared out for the weekend, you cleaned out the fridge (never a … Continue reading

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Gluten-free: You too, Huh?

This morning you went to Whole Foods and stood in front of their ‘gluten-free’ section.  They have a huge refrigerator case well-stocked with all kinds of wheat-free selections, from waffles to burritos.  A dear friend of yours is stuck at … Continue reading

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A Peek Inside of an Empty Nester’s Grocery Basket

Okay, so there are some Weight Watcher items–well, only soups and candy (next time you’ll buy more)– a lonely bottle of hydrating shampoo, a box of moisturizing razor cartridges, some organic zucchini, low-sodium V-8, Lite English muffins and detergent.  How … Continue reading

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