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The Difference Between (Southern) Men and Women

Image via Wikipedia 1. Women like hanging out in Starbucks and drinking chai tea.  Believe it or not–men will walk straight past a Starbucks to get to a Five Guys or Firehouse sub. 2. Women like Sephora.  Men will walk … Continue reading

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Don’t. Speed. Through. South. Carolina. (tales from a former faux southern hippie)

Flashback, Summer 1972.  You and your cousin, age seventeen, are wearing tube tops, bell bottoms and flip-flops, with hair two feet straight down the back and parted in the middle and immense chandelier earrings you’d bought at the Gay Dolphin … Continue reading

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Mama’s Favorite Sayings: A Beginner’s Guide for Gen X, Y and Z

The weather’s gotten a wee bit snappy in these parts, in your neck o’ the woods.  But not too chilly yet to sit on the porch for a spell.  Last evening, your friend, Elizabeth upped and said, “Well, I reckon … Continue reading

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Back South

When an old friend from Denmark arrived in town with her new husband, you quickly gave them Mason jars of sweet tea and herded them out to the porch.  They miss being outdoors; they’ve had only one nice week of … Continue reading

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Carolina Summer Family Reunion

Time for your annual ‘family of origin’ reunion.  First night’s always a blast from the past.  You five sibs all chip in and get catered food, your brother hosts at his grand beachfront rental–porches with green wooden rockers and a … Continue reading

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Welcome to Red-Neck Ranch Camp

One morning when you were ten, you and your friend, Sumner, were bundled into the old station wagon and carted off to spend a week at Billy Bry’s Ranch Camp.  The word ‘ranch’ was used somewhat loosely; you figured that … Continue reading

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Cherry Grove Beach, 1964

Beach, 1964: We’d take two cars for your family of seven.  The Plymouth station wagon would be loaded to the gills with: 1. Stacks of worn leather- bound suitcases with brass hardware 2. Metal ice chests and a sporty plaid … Continue reading

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