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pale blue mercy

pale blue mercy MainStreetRag.com pale blue mercy Dear Writers: Some quick news: Main Street Rag Publishing Company is publishing my book pale blue mercy as part of its Author’s Choice Chapbook Series. The book will be released February 5th.  If you’re interested … Continue reading

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The Difference Between (Southern) Men and Women

Image via Wikipedia 1. Women like hanging out in Starbucks and drinking chai tea.  Believe it or not–men will walk straight past a Starbucks to get to a Five Guys or Firehouse sub. 2. Women like Sephora.  Men will walk … Continue reading

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Girl Trips: What do Women Talk About?

Ah, the eternal question:  WHAT on earth do women talk about while they are on these ‘girl getaways?’ Men, listen up; here’s EXACTLY what is discussed, in alpha order: Books.  Who is reading what.  And why, for example, did “The … Continue reading

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Spring Break 1974: Confessions of a Beach Chaperone

You called your friend, Jane, this morning. “How’s spring break going?”  She and her husband are chaperoning their Senior son and his buddies; they are staying in separate condos at a relaxing family beach near Pawleys Island, South Carolina. “Fine–they … Continue reading

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Is your latest morceau a dig at my jeans? (the short history of denim, as you know it)

Ellie, a muse of yours, emailed the above question because she thought you were making fun of her ‘Mom jeans’ in your post, “No Country for Old Hens.’  This led you to recall all the different types of denim that … Continue reading

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What Southern Women Want

Here is the secret to what southern women want–men, listen up and take note.  What we want is something very simple, and exceedingly affordable.  Hopefully, this is something you can find at close proximity. What southern women want, what southern women need, … Continue reading

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No Country for Old Hens

Your friend, Finley, just called you.  You love that she starts every call with a ‘hey.’ “Hey–do you have time for a mini-vent?” “Absolutely.” “Well, I just put on fifty tiny dabs of that anti-age spot cream with my pinky, … Continue reading

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You Are So, NOT, Rick Steves

Last weekend, your neighbor Elizabeth took 24 pieces of luggage to a resort.  “Out of Africa” is her favorite film, and she travels as if going on an expedition with the Queen.  Of course this includes all manner of suitcases and … Continue reading

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Halloween: Leaving the Empty Nest

You were late in bringing Halloween decorations down from the attic.  In fact, for your first official ‘Empty Nester Halloween,’ you took a wee break from decorating, and simply set out some candles and clusters of green, orange and your … Continue reading

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Reeling in the Years: Halloweens Past

It seems like only yesterday that you were reading your daughter a bed-time story about the Berenstain Bears’ Pumpkin Patch.  It seems like only yesterday you went to your son’s elementary school dressed as a witch in order to read Berenstain … Continue reading

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